Friday, August 20, 2004

London Stock Exchange announces "CR Exchange"

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) has developed an online disclosure tool to make it easier for firms to comply with CR demands. The tool will prompt firms to provide details concerning a wide range of policy areas. This will create a unified resource to which institutional investors can refer requests for information and so avoid duplicated effort. Topics covered include health and safety issues and supplier relationships.

This so called "CR Exchange" (CRE) allows companies to save time by disclosing only once to an audience of many – and provides analysts, fund managers and research agencies with a better tool for researching companies’ policies and practices in areas of CR.

The system is said to be compatible with:
- GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)
- EiRIS (includes FTSE4 Good)
- SAM Dow Jones (Sustainable Asset Management)
- BITC (Business in the Community)
- NAPF (National Assoc of Pension Funds)
- ABI (Assoc of British Insurers)
- The 2003 Combined Code

There is a cool online demo also.