Friday, March 24, 2006

What is the full mission for responsible corporations?

Is the only mission of the corporate world to make money for shareholders?

Corporations are human endeavors, and all human endeavors should benefit our society and reflect our morals. They should provide more than just investor return.

There are many ways that corporations do benefit society:
  1. They provide jobs
  2. They produce goods and services that people want
  3. They provide a return to investors

But corporations must in addition meet a higher moral standard:
  1. To minimize activities that harm life or the environment
  2. To be truthful
  3. To bring joy to life and reduce suffering, even if in very small and mundane ways
  4. To stop encouraging people's craving or addiction
The World Moral Movement has a collaborative effort to define corporate responsibility based on morals shared by all religions and secular philosophies. The above views are based on the World Moral Movement Corporate Responsibility Wiki page, which is open for further discussion and debate.